Two Ravens: Volume One

by Samuel Gray Edmondson

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Recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios, SF in the fall of 2014 by James Riotto. Mastered at Golden Studios.


released December 21, 2014

guitar, vocals: Samuel Gray Edmondson
supporting vocals: Melodie Kauff and Ida Rotto



all rights reserved


Samuel Gray Edmondson California

D.C. native. Nursed on Bad Brains, reared by Fugazi, mentored (from a distance) by Fahey. Currently planted in California.

Mountains are my muse.

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Track Name: Muirne
In all of my years here
I came to know
The sweetness of time with friends and lovers
Weathering wide the stone

But those who we let go
Or never find
Are tears in the eye of our one becoming
Haunting the mind when it's slow

Some come easy, some much harder
Stubborn sons and willing daughters
Rising when my heart is heavy
Pray for rain to flood the levee

A dream said severely:
"This fear you'll know,
"Now or again if you can outrun it,
"Better to say hello"

The figure will wither
Until the soul
Sits at the fire of the one beloved
Bathing in ash and bone

Some come easy, some much harder
Stubborn ice and willing water
From the silver river rolling
Wash the wounds that need consoling
Track Name: Rivers And Roads
In open waters
There are waves from time to time
They'll break your bones and shake your mind

Now that you've sought her
When you're lost, she will find
The open road to what's inside

Like rivers a road will bend before it slows

Across the divide, a stranger resides
A star in her eye, she sings to the sky
Give pause and linger at her feet

Out in the forest
When the day is in decline
The dark and cold may scare you blind

But then with sureness
You will rise and you will find
That glowing stones are sewn through time

A snake as it grows will shed its skin to expose

The layer inside, no longer to hide
With no need to try, the shape is implied
Dig down and sing before you sleep